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  • Admitalty Sailing...
    Derroteros publicados por el servicion hidrográfico inglés que abarcan cualquier parte del mundo
  • Admiralty list of...
    The Admiralty List of Radio Signals series provides comprehensive information on all aspects of Maritime Radio Communications.
  • Admiralty Lights of...
    This series of books provides extensive information on all lighthouses, lightships, lit floating marks (over 8m in height), fog signals and other lights of navigational significance.
  • Admiralty Tide Tables
    Admiralty Tide Tables detail the times and heights of high and low waters for over 230 standard and 6000 secondary ports in the UK and Ireland, Europe, the Indian Ocean, South China Sea and Pacific Ocean for each day of the year. The tables outline methods of prediction, the effect of meteorological conditions on tides and provide additional information on exceptional tidal factors in each area.
  • MIscelanéa

    Ocean Passage,Sight Reduction, almanac, etc

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Mostrando 1 - 12 de 43 items